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user Mandy

Hi, was just wondering if you are allowed to fly kites on the beach at Zandvoort?

user Floris (Employee)

Kite surfing is part of Zandvoort. The past few years, more and more people have taken up this particular water sport. It’s a spectacular sight.

But kite surfers and bathers, together on one beach, that can be risky. That is why the council has appointed three spots where kite surfers can take to the water.

The official starting and stopping sites are:

1) the area between beach pole 63.650 and 63.800 (across from George 5);
2) the area between beach pole 64.850 and 65.000 (across from The Spot and Rescue station north) and
3) the area between beach pole 66.950 and 67.100 (across from the water sports club and Rescue station south).

The staff from The Spot and the water sports club put out signs every day that tell you exactly where kite surfing is allowed. The signs are moved with the high or low tide. The council provides the signs.

All local surf information (including surfing schools) can you find on our special page:

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