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Visitor's Center De Kennemerduinen provides information about animals and plants in the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. Here you will find a cafe, shops and an information desk where you can find tips to explore on foot, by bicycle or go through the National Park with a guided tour. You can rent GPS tours and book treasure hunts for children and school trips. The visitor's center is housed in a beautiful sustainable building inspired by a dune farm from the 7th century. Near the visitor center lies 't Wed'. This little dune lake is a popular recreation area. The visitor center is located on the Zeeweg near the Koevlak entrance.

Furthermore Visitor's Center Kennemerduinen is near the following sights: Gestrand (±3,0 km), Museum Haarlem (±3,5 km) & Frans Hals Museum (±3,5 km).

For information:

Zeeweg 12, Overveen
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