What is city tax and when do I have to pay this?

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What is city tax (or tourist tax) and when do I have to pay this in Zandvoort?

Ramon (Employee)

The current rate is available at: Tourist tax Zandvoort in 2017.

City tax (also known as: Tourist tax) is a general tax that a municipality can levy. This allows the municipality for example to finance the use of facilities by tourists.

When paying city tax?
You pay city tax if you stay in Zandvoort. For example, when overnight in a hotel, guest house, caravan, apartment, B&B or bungalow.

Should business travelers also pay city tax?
Also if you are visiting the region for business purposes you pay city tax. The name of the tax suggests that it is only for tourists, but that is not the case.

Tax assessment for city tax
The owner of your residence gets the city tax assessment. For instance, the hotel owner or campsite owner. He may pass on the city tax to you.

Height of city tax
The local height of city tax varies by municipality. Municipalities may determine whether they levy city tax and how they calculate the rate. For example, a fixed amount per night or a percentage per night price. Each municipality can arrange the height in its own regulation. The local regulation of Zandvoort can be obtained or viewed at the municipality of Zandvoort.

Why city tax?
A municipality receives from central National government an amount per capita. If there are many tourists in a town, a municipality makes this more cost. For example, to keep the streets and beaches clean or maintain roads.

Can the city tax on the invoice be higher than the municipal rate?
No, but perhaps it is a mistake on your bill. It is best to inquire the entrepreneur who has made the invoice. Another possibility is that the entrepreneur under the heading of city tax also calculates other costs. This is not allowed. Dutch Minister Verhagen indicated that this is contrary to the 'code travel deals' in a letter on 17 March 2011. You can lodge an objection with the entrepreneur.

More information city tax
For more information about the local city tax in Zandvoort, you can contact the municipality of Zandvoort: http://www.zandvoort.nl/.

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